Pleased to Meet You

Stately Things is a project designed to celebrate bicoastal living at its best. Built on the belief that you can have a career and still find time to do it up in the kitchen, keep up with your reading list, travel like a local, host the perfect gathering, and master household projects, we want to help you generally just win at life.

Lindsey’s on the left + rightfully in the West; Katie’s on the right + appropriately in the East.

The Short Story: 

We met in college; we were both twins, both blondish, both sun-loving, beach-worshiping, Mexican-food-indulging native Southern Californians with big dreams, open minds, and keen eyes.  Life was grand (it still is), but then graduation came and we went our separate ways.  Katie went to more school and Lindsey followed her creativity.  Flash forward a handful of years from then to now and we live on opposite coasts (Lindsey in the West, Katie on the East), doing opposite things (Lindsey’s writing professionally about food/travel/other awesomeness while teaching yoga & Katie does lawyerly things (snooze)).  Stuff happened (as it does), stars aligned, a flurry of ridiculous emails were sent, and this thing called Stately was born.


A couple of notes:

1. We always refer to the creators of any work that we feature. If you have a problem with your work appearing on this site, please let us know and we will promptly remove it.  Please note, however, that we only borrow things we adore.

2. We use the Oxford comma up in here.  Get used to it.


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