Soup: White Bean + Kale

Oh, dear soup, you’re a lovely friend.


Simply White Bean + Kale Soup

2 c Mirepoix {onion, celery, carrot, diced}

Handful Flat Leaf Parsley

A bit of Thyme

2 Bay Leaves

1 big clove Garlic {minced}

Salt + Pepper {to taste}

4 – 5 c soaked White Beans {picked over}

1 bunch Lacinato or Red Kale {chopped}

4+ c Vegetable Stock

Water, as much as you need to feed the guests. Likely three, or so, more cups.

The How To:

1. In a heavy bottomed soup pot, saute the mirepoix.  Since I’m currently cooking for someone watching their fat intake, I did not use any oil (a bit of water, instead), but you may like a few tbsps of olive oil here.  Be sure the garlic volunteers itself for the mission and chuck in the bay about when the onions are considering translucency.

2. Add the stock and white beans.  Make a point of covering with at least an inch of stock, you may be obliged to add extra while they cook.  They may need to bubble on for around an hour or so, perhaps more, but only when they’re soft to a bite do you want to move on.

3.  Now add your herbs and spices.  Because it seemed right, I pilfered a bit of stock from the pot and blended the herbs as to prevent any large leaves from taking over.

4. The kale and extra water should go in now.  As the greens will wilt quickly, everything may be served immediately after you taste and re-season.

Some additional thoughts…

Bread, specifically.  Please serve something of a nice country variety.


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